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  1. Information found on this site should not be considered as advice or marketing related to investments, or as a substitute for personal consultation crafted specifically in accordance with a person’s profile for the purpose of any purchase, investment, action or transaction. The information presented on this site does not come to replace [such financial] consultation and you should not act in accordance with such [information] until after receiving personal consultation that takes into account your personal needs and profile.
  2. Any information presented on this site regarding mutual funds and/or pension funds and/or continuing education funds and/or index certificates and/or financial instruments does not constitute advice to invest and/or to deposit and/or to undertake any other activity with such.
  3. Any purchase of participation units in a mutual fund or index certificates or financial instruments should be made upon reliance on a valid prospectus and relevant immediate reports, and should take into account the profile and special needs of each investor, and only the valid prospectus along with the relevant immediate reports, as above, constitute the exclusive binding information [for such transactions].
  4. Fidelis International Limited and Fidelis partners Limited (“Fidelis”)and related companies and/or its subsidiaries and/or interested parties of such (with every entity listed above collectively termed hereinafter: “Fidelis Family Office”) may hold on behalf of themselves, and/or on behalf of others, securities of corporations mentioned on this site and/or other financial instruments. In addition, the above entities may undertake actions with the securities of the corporations mentioned on this site and/or the aforementioned financial instruments.
  5. The use of the information presented on this site here is the user exclusive liability. Notwithstanding the fact that, to the best of our knowledge, the information presented on this site is well-founded, reliable and correct, Fidelis Family Office does not warrant that the information is accurate, complete, updated, or appropriate for any specific purpose. The companies of the Fidelis Family Office Group, their shareholders, representatives, employees, and officers, are not liable and shall not bare any liability whatsoever from any loss or injury that may be caused, either directly or indirectly, as a result of the information presented on this site; from any omission of information on this site; from any interruption of this site on the Internet, including complete discontinuation of this site; as well as any acts or omissions by third parties who are involved in the maintenance and preparation of this site and/or the preparation of information that is published on this site or the figures upon which such information is based. Similarly, the above parties shall not bear any liability whatsoever from any legal claim that may arise as a result of the information that is published on this site and shall not bear liability towards any party whatsoever with regard to any use that is made of the information presented on this site or as a result of the lack of ability to use the information presented on this site.
  6. The information presented on this site is correct as of the date it was written, as noted on this site, [but] Fidelis Family Office is under no obligation to update the information from time to time. Accordingly, the information presented on this site may not reflect the latest information, and developments and immediate or ongoing changes may affect and/or alter the information presented on this site. In particular, prospectuses presented on this site are correct only as of the date of a given prospectus, and users must take it upon themselves to follow any changes and/or updates that are published by the issuer of such securities on the official reporting website of the Israeli Securities Authority (the MAGNA system), which can be found at http://www.magna.isa.gov.il, and the reporting website of the Tel Aviv Securities Exchange (the MAYA system), at http://www.maya.tase.co.il.
  7. In furthering the needs of its clients, Fidelis may establish strategic relationships or affiliations with financial institutions, third party financial managers and Product Providers etc. (“Affiliated Alliances”) and that it is likely to prefer financial assets and services of such Affiliated Alliances over other financial assets and services with which Fidelis is not affiliated to. A list of Affiliated Alliances is presented at the end of this paragraph, which shall be updated from time to time. Due to such relationships with Affiliated Alliances, Fidelis’ services would be defined under the Advisory Law, as providing investment marketing services and not investment advisory services. It should be acknowledged that Fidelis may receive, in respect of Clients’ accounts, certain financial remuneration from such Affiliated Alliances. The list of such alliances comprises of: ACPI, Alken, Alpha Group, Altshuler Shacham, Aminim, Aurum Funds, Bank Hapoalim Switzerland, BlackRock, BPM, BSP, Charlemagne Capital, Cramim, Deutsche Bank, DLIF, Emerald Invest, Emerald Creek Capital, GAM, Harbor Group, HCP, Heptagon, HSBC, IBI, Integer, ISF, Julius Baer, More, Muzinich, Neuberger Berman, Noked, Northlight, Pagaya, Pictet, Profimex, REYL, Skybridge, Sunflower, Sphera Funds, Tulip Capital, UBS, Yelin-Lapidot.
  8. In the event of any contradiction or nonconformity between the information presented on this site and the information presented in official publications and/or recorded in Fidelis Family Office’s books of accounting, the information presented in official publications and/or recorded in Fidelis Family Office’s books of accounting shall prevail, as applicable.
  9. The figures and/or information presented on this site (hereinafter, the “Information”) were received, in part, from third parties, including from other websites (hereinafter, “Information Suppliers”) and may change from time to time. Such Information was received “AS IS” based on [our] best efforts, for the sake of your convenience. You must take into account, inter alia, that such information may have changed since it was published, and such changes might not be reflected on this site. In particular, you should take into account that the calculated figures presented with regard to index certificates are received from external electronic databases and are supplied “AS IS”.
  10. The use of the internet and electronic mail is not protected and exposes the user to risks stemming from the structure of the internet network and the use of a personal computer and/or any other accessories that enable internet access (hereinafter, jointly and severally – the “PC”). You should be aware that you are responsible for all results of non-authorized use of the passwords and other means of data protection that have been provided to you and to your PC. In light of the above, you are to protect the passwords and other means of data protection and maintain the secrecy of such and prevent any unauthorized use of such and/or your PC.
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  15. I understand that Fidelis Family Office may operate software on this site that collects information about my activities on this site, and that Fidelis Family Office analyzes such information in an effort to improve its services in order to meet my needs in a better manner, and I do not object to such [activities].